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AVChat 3 Lite (20 connections)

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Tons of features, insanely flexible! Audio & Video Chat Features: One to one, one to many and many to many audio and video chat After you join a room you can broadcast your web cam and microphone so that others can see and hear you. Private audio and video streams Users can make their audio […]

Item Description

Tons of features, insanely flexible!

Audio & Video Chat Features:

  • One to one, one to many and many to many audio and video chat

    After you join a room you can broadcast your web cam and microphone so that others can see and hear you.

  • Private audio and video streams

    Users can make their audio and video streams private, this way whoever wants to see or hear them will have to request permission first!

  • Latency display

    Slow Internet connections and network congestions might cause the live streams to be delayed. With AVChat 3 you can view in real time how much the live video streams are delayed.

  • Stamp to HD size video quality

    You have full control over the audio and video quality experienced by your users. You can go from stamp size video to big HD video streaming if you and your users have the necessary bandwidth of course!

  • Full screen video streams

    You can watch the high quality video streams broadcasted by others in full screen!

Money Making Features:

  • Increased ad space

    The video chat increases the ad space available for you to show ads. Around the video chat you can add any type of ads known to man: AdSense, banners, affiliate links,etc… .

  • Increased time spent on site and impressions

    Because your users now have a new cool toy to play with they will spend more time on the site in the chat and visiting user profiles. Your site will generate more page views thus more money from ads!

  • Increased conversion rate

    If you have a membership based community with paid user accounts you can drive the conversion rate up by allowing only paid accounts to access the video chat or some of its features like unlimited video chat/day.

  • Reduced bandwidth usage

    AVChat 3 automatically prevents audio and video streams from actually being broadcasted if no one is watching them thus reducing the monthly bandwidth bill on your media server.

Text Chat Features:

  • Fully customizable emoticons

    The video chat supports emoticons and you can change them with your own!

  • Upload files to rooms or send files directly to people

    Users can now upload files to rooms or send them directly to users. Uploaded images are automatically loaded and previewed in the text chat area.

  • YouTube movies displayed directly in the text chat area

    If anyone types a link to a YouTube movie, AVChat 3 will automatically load and preview that video in the chat!

  • Private messages in separate tabs

    Users can now hold private discussions in separate tabs, totally independent of the main room! Closing the main room will also close all PM’s held in that room so beware!

  • Enhanced users list

    The new users list can display the users in the room, who is watching you, who you have blocked, etc…. It can also display the avatar of each user and weather or not the user has a web cam/mic (even tough the web cam/mic is not started) .

  • Who is typing display

    Users can see in real time if anyone is typing. This function is available in both public and private rooms and in private discussions! This is the most useful but not asked for feature we’ve added to AVChat 3!

  • Customizable sounds

    The sounds for login/logout/buzz/new text message can be replaced with your own mp3′s.

  • Highlighted URL’s

    If you allow links in the text chat, our software automatically parses them and turns them into actual clickable links (blue underlined).

  • Formatting options

    Users have full control over how their text looks. with bold, underline, italic, color and font face options.

  • Proper RTL languages support

    You have an Arabic or Hebrew community? No problem! AVChat supports RTL languages.

    When in RTL mode every text is properly aligned to the right and the interface elements properly flow from the right to the left.

Limit features and access for certain user groups

AVChat 3 gives you great flexibility in what regards what your users can and can not do. Once the video chat software is properly integrated with your web site you are able to limit specific features to specific user levels in your web site. These are the most important limits that you can control:

  • Numeric limits

    • allow only a limited amount of “watching” time per day
    • maximum number of rooms a user can be in at any given time
    • maximum number of simultaneous streams a user can see at a time
    • kick person from chat after X minutes.
  • Limit features

    • prevent users from creating rooms
    • prevent users from sending private messages
    • prevent users from sending files to users or from uploading files to rooms
    • prevent users from making their cam/stream private
    • prevent users from buzzing
    • prevent users from streaming audio, video or both (text chat only mode)

With these limits you can create a web site where the visitors and the free members can not create rooms and they can only view one cam at a time for maximum 30 minutes/day, while paying members can create rooms, can watch up to 4 cams at a time and they have no daily “watching” limit!

Full design flexibility

  • Change colors and fonts using an external CSS file

    You can control the colors of the internal windows, the radius of the rounded corners, the font faces and font sizes inside the chat by editing an external CSS file. It’s not 100% true CSS but you get the idea!

  • Change the background color or use an image as the background

    As a web master you can change the background color of the chat or put your own image (containing your logo) as the background of the chat.

  • Resize it to fit your web site layout

    The chat can be resized to fit any layout, the elements inside the chat automatically resize to fit the new area!

Security Features

We take security very seriously and in the last 2 years, based on client feedback, we’ve added a whole bunch of security features to our video chat. If it were a person, AVChat would look like Arnold in Terminator.

  • Encrypted everything

    The room passwords are encrypted and all the data (audio video text) exchanged between the users and the media server can be encrypted (rtmpe or ssl). Secure data transfer between the users.

  • Log everything

    All text chat discussions and room details are logged in text files on the media server together with the ip of each user sending a text message or creating a room.

  • Protection against flooding and hot linking

    AVChat 3 comes with special tricks that make any type of flooding of the text chat rooms hard and hot linking impossible.

  • Watermarked streams

    We’ve run into situations where users would rebroadcast video streams from the video chat using screen sharing software . That is not possible anymore as in AVChat 3 you can now watermark the video streams.

  • Filters for bad words, bad nicks, links and emails

    The bad words filter automatically removes forbidden words from the text chat. The bad nicks filter can be used to prevent users from logging in with the username “admin” for example. When the links and emails filter are turned on any link/email typed in the text chat will be censored instead of being highlighted.

  • No more ghost users

    It frequently happened that the media server did not detect when a user had disconnected, thus leaving that user hanging in the users list. This will happen no more as we’ve implemented some custom scripting to prevent that from happening in AVChat 3.

  • Limit ips from which admins can login

    You can limit the ips from which admins can connect and perform admin tasks.

  • Secret path for logging in as admin (Red5 only)

    For those countries where there are only dynamic ips (Brazil we hear you) we’ve implemented a cool new security feature where you have to login trough a certain hidden URL to be allowed as admin.

  • Basic referrer based protection

    When a user connects to a media server his video chat referrer will be checked against a list of allowed referrers (domains).

  • Localhost connections turned off by default

    The avchat30 app on the media server will not accept connections from AVChat installed on localhost (default setting, can be turned off).

  • Swf verification (FMS only)

    Starting with FMIS 3 you can turn on swf verification. It prevents your chat from being connected to with 3rd party malicious custom chat apps hosted somewhere other than on your web site (malicious custom swf files).

  • Token based authentication

    Added to AVChat in 2010 it ensures everyone in the video chat has gone trough your web site to enter the video chat (does almost the same job as Swf verification mentioned earlier).

  • Secure upload of files

    The upload folder can be moved to a non public location and there is a limited amount of file extensions allowed when uploading (can be edited).

  • Secure calls between the media server and your web server

    The video chat scripts on your web site that are used by the media server (token authentication, write users list) can be set up to accept only calls from the ip of the media server itself. This will prevent them being executed directly from the web browser with malicious data.

  • Prevention from embedding swf files in the text chat using the image preview feature

    Users used to embed malicious swf’s in the text chat trough the image preview feature. This no longer happens.

  • Ban users by: ip, ip range, cookie and username

    And bonus: silent bans ;). You can also see a big list of every active ban ,it’s author, date start, date end, etc. .

  • Data sanitization (Red5 only)

    All the data that reaches the media server (text chat, function calls, etc.) is sanitized before being used.

  • Proper rooms control

    In case someone creates a room with a nasty name you can rename it, close it or delete it altogether.

  • Anti flooding with rooms

    There is a default limit (200) on the number of rooms that can be created, this will prevent you from waking up one day only to find out that someone created 1000 rooms in your video chat and crashed it. The option to delete many rooms at once also makes any cleanup easy.

  • Auto add ip to usernames

    We’ve had issues with users posting illegal content in our online demo. Showing their ip in the users list pretty much solved this problem.

  • Easy to access ban kick and whois functions for admins

    We show quick links for banning, kicking and whois in the text chat for each text message. This made moderation much more faster for some of our clients.

  • Extended rooms text chat history for admins

    When joining a room admins will see the last 100 lines of text chat in that room. Users only see the last 20

Rooms Management Features

The rooms management features have been greatly improved in AVChat 3. Permanent rooms can now be created directly from the chat software, rooms can now have a maximum users limits and in the future people will be able invite other users to their own rooms! In addition empty rooms can be automatically deleted.

avchat 3 rooms management panel

  • Be in more rooms at the same time

    Users can join more than one room at a time. As a web master you have control over in how many rooms a user can be at the same time.

  • Make your own private and public rooms

    Users can make their own private and public rooms. Of course the webmaster, the all powerful webmaster, can disable this functionality.

  • Drop users into certain rooms directly (no need to go trough the lobby)

    Each room has it’s own unique id. You can use this id in the configuration file so that users get dropped directly into that room when they log into AVChat 3.

Special Features for Admins

avchat 3 admin top bar

  • Special admin icon and log in as hidden

    Using the admin interface you can login as hidden or as visible using the normal male female couple icons or a special admin icon!

  • Kick and ban users

    As an admin you can kick and ban users for bad behavior, ban specific ips, remove existing bans, etc… .

  • Live Total bandwidth usage display

    While logged in in the admin area you can view in real time the bandwidth usage on the entire media server.

  • Access to lots of info about each user

    As an admin you can view a lot of detailed information about each user in the chat room: ip, flash player version, etc… .

  • Join private rooms without passwords

    Admins can join private rooms without needing the passwords. Just one of the joys of being an admin! The site owner can turn off this ability off!

  • View private streams without needing permission

    Admins can view private streams without needingpermission.The site owner can turn off this ability!

Other Neat Features

  • Record everything

    You can record every audio/video stream coming from the users in separate .flv files. Each user gets its own .flv audio/video file each time he logs in and start sending audio and/or video. The newly crated .flv files will be stored on the media server and can be put on your web server for later downloading/viewing.

  • Banner friendly

    You can place advertising (display banners, AdSense ads, video ads, text links, etc…) anywhere around the video chat software.

  • External users list

    AVChat 3 generates an external file containing a list of the rooms and users in each room which you can use to display on your web site the users (and number of users) logged in the video chat software at any moment and every available room (and type of room).

  • Zoom in/out video areas using the mouse wheel

    Yes, how cool is that?!